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Pendo pad TPC7SLV


I recently managed to get my hands on the TPC7SLV 7″ Pendo Pad that is available from Australian ISP Dodo as part of a 3G wireless internet bundle for less than $10 a month.

I must admit my first thoughts were directed at how bad must this tablet be if it is only $9.90 a month including data on a 500MB post paid internet plan only to find that it was in fact quite fast and responsive straight out of the box due mainly to its rockchip CPU and 256MB of DDR memory.

Android Tablets have come a long way in the past couple of years in regards to overall performance and capabilities, And as far as differences between brands go these days it really only comes down to build quality and onboard memory.

The Pendo Pad is extremely well built and in no way feels fragile or cheap when handled like some of the devices that flooded the market 2 years ago. But like so many budget devices it does lack internal storage space, Although at the current cost of a micro SD card that does not really present an issue if you only want a couple of extra gigabytes to store your data.

Overall the 7″ offering from Pendo ticks all the right boxes for a dependable little powerhouse contained in such a small form factor. Even if buying one of these devices bundled from an ISP is not for you, The TPC7SLV is available outright on ebay for around $130 AUD.

I have included the specifications for the TPC7SLV below.

Dimension and Weight

height: 19 cm
width: 12 cm
thickness: 1.2 cm
weight: 360 g


7″ WVGA touch screen
800×480 resolution

Outputs & control buttons 

Navigation control
MicroSD slot
Power button
Earphone Output
USB 2.0×1, USB 1.1×1. OTG/USB Host Mode
AC 97
Built-in speaker
Built-in microphone

CPU & Memory 

Rockchip 1.0Ghz
2 GB Flash


Overall rating


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13 Responses

  1. Elektrische Zahnbuerste says:

    … [Trackback]…

    [...] dodo pendo pad review: tweakgeek.info/?p=520 [...]…

  2. kyle says:

    Any chance you remember what the maximum expandable memory is on this version?

  3. I have just purchased 2 for purpose of playing games and watching movies (for my kids). I went to market pre installed on tablet but had hardly any games and they wouldnt run. Any suggestions? Can I use Google play on this??

    • Les Vaulter says:

      Hi Kirstie,

      Unfortunately Google Play can not be installed as this model only supports Android 2.1 (I have tried multiple methods and receive parsing errors), there are some developers trying to port Android 2.2 to the first generation Pendo Pad but these things take time.

      The problem with the Pendo Pad’s is they were a great device when first released 2 years ago but as the Tablet market rapidly expanded they were quickly left behind in performance and developers make products for the latest and greatest hardware these days and even my 12 month old Galaxy Tab sometimes fails to meet the requirements of new Apps.

      I am sorry to say that until someone ports Android 2.2 to the 1st Gen Pendo Pad that you will be limited to the applications available in the marketplace but you will still be able to use the tablet as great little media screen for movies, for best results you should stick to .mp4 format video files.

      Sorry I could not be of more help, but when an Android 2.2 port becomes available I will link to it in this post.

      Kind regards,

      Les Vaulter on Facebook Les Vaulter on Twitter Les Vaulter on Google+

  4. sampath says:

    i want to by a display for this tab. how can by one? can u
    you pls tell me abt details sir.

    • Les Vaulter says:

      Hi Sampath,

      Unfortunately I am unable to find anyone who sells displays for this model, all I could suggest is that you purchase a faulty second hand unit from eBay or similar to cannibalise for the screen.

      Kind regards,

      Les Vaulter on Facebook Les Vaulter on Twitter Les Vaulter on Google+

  5. Bel says:

    I am confused on which micro sd card to purchase for my kids pendos. So many sizes and classes. Could you please make it simple for me? Thank you.

    • Les Vaulter says:

      Hi Bel,

      The best way to decide on what size SD card to purchase is to work out how exactly the extra storage will be used on your childrens devices. If you only need some space for installing additional applications a 2GB card should suffice, but if you plan on having music and video files stored on the Pendo you would be best to have at least an 8GB card.

      When buying a micro SD card just keep in mind that the first generation Pendo Pad will not read anything over 32GB due to software limitations.

      Kind regards,

      Les Vaulter on Facebook Les Vaulter on Twitter Les Vaulter on Google+

      • Toby says:

        Dear Sir,

        Somebody sent me Pendopad TPC7SLV from Australia to Ghana now and i was hoping to insert my sim inside but nowhere to locate sim slot.What can i do to use my line on it to be making calls and receiving as well as internet.

        Please advice me.I hope to hear from you

        Best regards,


        • Les Vaulter says:

          Hi Toby,

          Sorry for the late reply but I have been inactive on this blog the past year due to work commitments.

          Unfortunately the TPC7SLV does not support voice calling unless you use a VoIP provider and install a SIP application.

          As far as internet connection goes, the tablet should have shipped with a mini male USB to female USB adapter that allows you to connect a 3G or 4G USB internet dongle.

          If it did not come with one just remember that ebay is your friend and you will most likely find a USB adapter on there for a couple of dollars delivered to your door.

          Once again I apologise for the late reply.

          Kind regards,

          Les Vaulter on Facebook Les Vaulter on Twitter Les Vaulter on Google+

  6. brylle says:

    Dear sir,
    What will i do if the core of my tablet which is just the tablet above ran into an error with a force close button as its choice. What will i do sir. Please reply. More power and God Bless.


    • Les Vaulter says:

      Hi Brylle,

      Generally a force close on an application is nothing to worry about with a low spec device like the TPC7SLV as it is getting quit old in tech years now.

      However if it occurs frequently and on the same application it may be a compatibility issue with the app itself, in that case my suggestion would be to remove the offending application and find a suitable replacement in the marketplace.

      If all else fails it may be worth factory resetting your device if the above suggestions don’t work.

      Kind regards,

      Les Vaulter on Facebook Les Vaulter on Twitter Les Vaulter on Google+

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